Dear Judge

May 3, 2013

Your Honor,

How many times have you sat on the bench as the collaborative court judge for your local jurisdiction and witnessed participants doing everything they can to come into compliance with your program only to be slowed or stopped by the lack of personal funds?

The CA Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation is here to help your collaborative court team raise the funds needed to meet these needs.  We are a separate 501-c-3 public foundation established specifically to help collaborative court participants be successful in meeting their obligations to you and your collaborative court program.

We can’t go to treatment sessions or NA meetings for them.  We cannot do the drug testing for them.  What we are doing is helping local jurisdictions pull together volunteers to serve on a Local Advisory Board that will do fund raising to meet unfunded needs of your collaborative court participants.

More than likely, your participants are destitute and they have destroyed any trust their families and friends had in them, especially as they begin their collaborative court program.  Most have very little money to take care of themselves.  Here are their stories:

When Chelsea and her two children were faced with having the power turned off this past December, she knew she could not call her parents.  They were done with her.

Casey put off getting the GED had to have to graduate from his Adult Drug Court because he didn’t have the money for the study guide or the testing fees.  He, also, had no one he could ask for help.

Val’s work in Family Drug Court was helping her get a grip on her life and she hoped soon to be re-united with her children.  Val knew that her apartment wouldn’t pass Child Protective Services inspection because she did not have beds for her children.  Val had very little furniture and no one to turn to.

Fortunately for Chelsea, Casey and Val, their local communities have a Local Advisory Board that is there for them with an emergency fund under the auspices of the California Collaborative Justice Courts (CCJC) Foundation.  The purpose of the CCJC Foundation is to facilitate private-public partnerships which generate resources to address unfunded needs of individuals under the supervision of collaborative justice courts.  The CCJC Foundation serves collaborative court participants regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, handicapped status or national origin.

Judge Dave Nelson-Mendocino County, Judge Debra Given-Yuba County and Judge Mark Johnson-Riverside County each have a CCJC Foundation Local Advisory Board in their communities with which they are actively engaged.  We can connect you to them if you are interested.

To learn more about how the CCJC Foundation can assist you and your Team maintain your high levels of expectation, address the anxiety and fear of failure participants experience and raise much needed funds, please visit our website at  Be sure to look at the information provided under “Attention Local Jurisdictions.”

Currently, the CCJC Foundation is an all-volunteer effort committed to helping you achieve the highest number of collaborative court participants possible.

Please let us hear from you or someone in your community who wants to be a part of this effort.


Dianne Marshall

Dianne Marshall, President                                                                                                                   CA Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation  Board of Directors


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