The right equipment

In order for Zack to graduate from  Dependency Drug Court, he had to either be employed or be going to school.  Using way too much methamphetamine and several prior felony offenses to support his addiction cost him his children and got him into to Dependency Drug Court. Employment and/or a training program was one of the last program requirements he had to satisfy to get on with his life.

Being a welder was something that had long interested Zack and he learned that the local community college offered a certification program for welding.  This was really terrific because it satisfied both of the Drug Court requirements.  He’d get training and a job.

The problem for Zack was that he could not afford the necessary equipment required by the welder’s certification program.  Fortunately for him, Zack lives in a community with a Local Fund Zack.  He was able to request and secure a small grant to cover the cost of a welding helmet and printed materials required by the classes.

Zack is currently an A student, taking business classes and is a full time parent. He states he has many goals for his future and has never been so happy.welder-imageDonate Now Graphic