The cellphone suggestion

Although his probation officer thought state prison a more suitable destination, Mike M. enrolled Adult Drug Court in l996. It took two years of sanctions and incentives for him to recognize the positive alternatives that were within his reach as a clean and sober adult.

Mike graduated from Adult Drug Court in l998. Since that time he has regained and maintained custody of his daughter, worked full time, provided shelter for individuals new to the drug court program who would otherwise be homeless and dealt with significant health problems generated by his earlier substance abuse.

cellphone imageIt was Mike who brought the need for cell phones to the attention of his Friends of Drug Court Fund Advisory Board in Mendocino County. He made it clear that people in the first phases of the program were without telephones needed to make mandatory calls every morning to find out if they had to report for drug testing. Because of Mike ten cell phones were purchased for distribution by the Adult Drug Court probation officer to Phase One participants.

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