Drug Court Success


Mother:  Twenty-five years with the California Highway Patrol and my daughter has been my biggest challenge and my biggest blessing.  I did not know Drug Court before she began the program, and I now know she would not be where she is today without it.

DJ, Drug Court Graduate:  Drug Court is the easy part. Graduation is another new beginning.  After graduation it gets tough.  You find yourself in danger.  The urges and temptations are not going to go away.  Reach out!  The people who helped you get here want you to succeed.  We are still here for you.  Use us!

CB: I can promise you from my own experience that Drug Court does save lives and dreams and brings hope back into the lives of many addicts that wouldn’t be clean an sober with out it. I thank God for drug court everyday.how-blessed-i-am-to-have-found-recovery

Treatment Counselor:   Graduation is available to everyone.  It is never too late to start your life over; that is what Drug Court is about…the process of being renewed.  Commit yourself to succeeding.

JF, Drug Court Participant:  Going to graduation and seeing two people I used to use with sit up there being successful helps me know I can do it.

PH, Drug Court Graduate:  Seemed like I was in Drug Court forever.  That eternity included an epiphany (my word).  I got it.  I started doing the right thing for the right reasons.  Not “picking up” got me to graduation.

Deputy District Attorney: When I first saw S he gave me a bad impression.  He was homeless and shiftless.  Here I am at your graduation; you are working full time, making plans and doing your life.  I am impressed!

Treatment Counselor:    M turned in an “8-ball” of meth during our counseling session to say he is through lying and cheating.

CT, Drug Court Graduate: I really do feel lucky, I wanted recovery, just didn’t know how to get help.  Drug Court gave me the help I wanted.  I wanted recovery so bad I did this whole program without one sanction!  That was a goal I set my first week in the program.  I can’t say enough about the Drug Court program.  I just thank you all.

 Probation Officer at Graduation Ceremony:  Working in Drug Court has taught me what “judging a book by its cover” is really all about.  You are my teacher.

I looked at T and saw a grumpy, withdrawn guy.  Now I understand your reasons for being grumpy and I recognize the strength it took for you to complete this program.

CB’s first impression for me was that he was a flaky guy.  He’d been in Drug Court for five years!  Today he is graduating.  He is employed and going to school.  During his addiction his mother gave up on him and he lost custody of his children.  All are present tonight.

Sister:   I really want to say thank you to the Drug Court treatment counselor.  Before you came into my sister’s life, I had to be the older sister because of everything she was getting into.  Now I get to be the little sister again.

Narcotics Anonymous Member:    Drug Court is the most life-affirming, spiritual movement I have ever heard of.  You don’t throw away my brothers and sisters who are alcoholics and drug addicts.

Drug Court Team - NADCP source

KO, Drug Court Graduate:  Drug Court is a life changing experience.  It is what you take from it.  It’s difficult because that is what we need it to be.

BL, Drug Court Graduate:   Drug Court has helped me to be an honest and sober person because every time I lied, I eventually got caught.  I realized that I just got tired of doing all this.

MB, Drug Court Graduate: Today I have choices.  I’m no longer imprisoned by alcohol and drugs.  This life is abundant with opportunities and I now have the freedom and ability to choose how and where I want to live, doing the footwork to reach goals.

GT, Drug Court Graduate:  Before the Drug Court program I was homeless and hopeless.  I had no plans and no desire to live.  I’ve learned that I never want to live that way again, and that I don’t have to as long as I stay connected to my support group and the 12-step program.  Also, I have learned how to ask for help when I need it and that I deserve a better life and how to pursue that dream.

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