Vision – Mission – Purpose

Vision: Those supervised by California’s Collaborative Justice Court programs have access to needed funds to address unfunded material needs with the help of Local Fund Committees who raise money and recommend grant awards to meet those needs.

Mission: The CCJC Foundation makes it possible for local jurisdictions to access private donor resources while maintaining the integrity of their court programs.  The CCJC Foundation maintains a commitment to financial accountability, an open grant making process that addresses the changing needs of Collaborative Justice Court Programs and a commitment to working with all donors and local jurisdictions’ funds to help them fulfill their charitable objectives.

Purpose: The CCJC Foundation exists to reduce the need to establish yet another 501-c-3 organization in local communities.  We offer our Local Fund Committees 501-c-3 status so that  they may offer small cash grants to individuals participating in judicially-supervised treatment.

The CCJC Foundation serves collaborative court participants regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, handicapped status or national origin.


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