Participant Support

Ask your Court Coordinator what resources are available to you to meet the types of needs listed below.  Local jurisdictions with funds supported by the California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation are able to raise the money needed to meet these needs:

≥ $25 for the General Educational Development (GED) Test, a requirement for collaborative justice court completion

≥ $87 for a bicycle and safety equipment, an essential means of transportation for those who have lost their drivers’ licenses.

≥ $250 for a housing deposit

≥ $300 for new tires to assure safe transportation to achieve program requirements.

≥ $250 for utilities needed as a deposit to get into a rental for a Family Dependency Drug Court mom.

≥ $60 for a pregnant Juvenile Drug Court teen to purchase paint to cover over the gang colors she had painted her bedroom before her baby was born.

≥ $100 for cell phones to allow Adult Drug Court participants to make daily calls to the treatment center’s drug testing hot line to learn if they are scheduled to test today.

≥ $200 for tattoo covering or removal to assist individuals to be able to separate from gang or prison experiences and go on in building new lives for themselves.

≥ $171 for college text books to build needed skills for legitimate employment

≥ $372 for the Lucky Deuce Program which is required of Second Offender – DUI offenders. Collaborative justice courts work hard to help participants clear up all their outstanding legal matters while in the program.

≥ $150 for the purchase of school clothes for a Juvenile Drug Court participant

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