Matching Grants Available

The California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation gives…

Our Thanks to

…. with assistance from Children and Family Futures, Inc., a $500 matching funds grant opportunity for 5 local jurisdictions with Family Dependency Drug Courts to establish a Local Fund Advisory Board under the CCJC Foundation.

OraSure Technologies made it possible for 2 local jurisdictions with Adult Drug Courts to receive a $500 matching grant.

 To qualify for one of these $500 matching grants you will need to:

►        Provide the Foundation with a copy of the agreement signature page which governs your collaborative court.

►        Create a Local Fund Advisory Board and provide the CCJC Foundation with the names of your Board members.

►        Raise $500 and deposit it with the CCJC Foundation. (These funds may be used on behalf of any of your collaborative justice courts’ participants.)

►        Sign the “Expendable Fund Agreement” form and submit it to the Foundation.

►        Review the “Annual Use of Funds” REPORT form and submit it by October, annually.  This form provides:

  1. Assurance to our donors that you have distributed at least $500 to participants in your Adult or Family Drug Courts
  2. Proof of appropriate distribution of funds to the CCJC Foundation, the California Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service.

All forms, fund raising ideas, and valuable guidance for establishing your fund and Local Advisory Board may be found on the Foundation’s website:

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You will learn how the California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation can assist you accomplish your goal of successfully graduating the people

in your collaborative justice court programs.

* Children and Family Futures, Inc. 4940 Irvine Boulevard, Suite 202 Irvine, CA 92620

* California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation, P.O. Box 2629, Nevada City, CA 95959