Getting Your Local Fund Committee Started

All California jurisdictions with collaborative justice court programs are invited to establish a “Designated Expendable Fund Agreement” with the California Collaborative Justice Courts (CCJC) Foundation.  This agreement allows a separate Local Fund  Committee  to be established for the purpose of raising and distributing funds  that address unfunded, material needs of local collaborative court participants.  Local Fund  Committees are without legal authority and function under the auspices of the CCJC Foundation.

Local Fund Committees raise funds; review requests for funding from program participants and recommend grant award payments to the CCJC Foundation.

Local Fund Committees will:

View the Mendocino County Friends of Drug Court Bylaws.

  • Raise funds to be utilized on behalf of local  collaborative justice court participants.
  • Request the distribution of funds to meet participant need.

Applicant Grant Request Form is a sample application for funding to be used by collaborative court participants seeking assistance from your local fund.

Approved Applicant Grant Requests will be signed by Advisory Committee members (2 signatures) and submitted to the CCJC Foundation via email attachment.

The Local Fund Committee will:

  • Provide the names of vendors or service providers to whom checks will be written. (Checks to individuals are not acceptable.)
  • Collect receipts for payments made and provide a copy of same to the Foundation via scan or mail.
  • Maintain its own record of income and expenditures.
  • Share the stories of the participants you help so that we can present your efforts at their best!
  • Submit the Annual Giving Report  due within six weeks after the end of the July – June Fiscal Year
  • Write “thank you” letters, too.  Saying “thank you” is one of those things that we usually do not do enough!  Donors = Heroes and Heroines!

The CCJC Foundation will:

  • Review all requests for funding, provide final approval and issue checks accordingly.
  • Review with the Local Fund Committee any questions should they arise.
  • Function as Fiscal sponsor for each Local Fund  Committee.
  • Provide a quarterly accounting of funds received and distributed on behalf of each local fund.
  • Write thank you letters to your donors.

  The CCJC Foundation’s letter “thank you” letter to donors.

View: Fund Raising Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are ready…

  • Gather 3-4 like-minded people who want to make a difference in this way.  Click here for some suggestions on who to invite to join you.
  • Create a name for your Fund.
  •  Collect $500 – $1,000 for the initial contribution to your fund.
    • It is in your best interest to open your fund with a good sum of money.
      • Reason:  as soon as your local partners know you have a fund to help with participant needs, you will be asked for assistance.
    • You want your fund to be able to consider those requests without being depleted.
  •  Complete a Designated Expendable Fund Agreement 1-6-16
  •  Call 530-274-1922 to review these forms and get your questions answered.
  •  Submit two, signed originals of these two documents along with your initial contribution for your Fund to

The California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation
200 Coyote Street #2629
Nevada City, CA 95959

  • You will receive a signed original copy of the Designated Fund Agreement for your records.