Keeping the heat on

At the time Kim entered Family Dependency Drug Court, she was:
• Addicted to methamphetamine
• Experiencing the effects from years of trauma
• Without any exposure to healthy parenting
• Experiencing health problems and significant dental rot from prolonged meth use
• Without any pro-social friends or support system
• Well aware that to get her children back she had to get a drug-alcohol assessment and, if indicated, go to treatment.

Kim’s 6 year old daughter was:

• Born to a teen mom
• Moved frequently
• Kept back in 1st grade
• In poor health with her own dental issues
• Experiencing emotional, social, cognitive, and physiological impairment including trauma and PTSD
• Enrolled as an abused, neglected child in the Child Welfare system

Kim’s Pathway to Recovery…

…began when she entered Family Dependency Drug Court. With time and a great deal of hard work, personal honesty and locating decent housing, Kim was able to complete her family reunification plan and get her two children back.

Kim decided to use her life experiences to help others and went back to school. She earned her GED and then went to community college to become a substance abuse counselor.

Before Kim realized it, winter had come to northern California and she did not have enough money to pay her utility bills. Kim’s appeal to her local advisory board read:

keeping the heat on“Dear People, My children and I are together again for which I am grateful. I am working on my certification to be a drug/alcohol counselor. My budget worked for us until I needed to turn the heat on. I am $100 short on what I need to be able to make this payment. I won’t have this problem in January when next semester begins because I will have a new job working at the community college. Can you help me now? Thank you.”

Kim’s Local Advisory Board gave her the requested $100. Without appropriate and timely therapeutic services and supports for families, the kids we worry about become the parents we often blame. Both deserve hope for a brighter future and the best we have to offer!

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