Partnering to Recognize Alumni

CCJC Foundation & the Inland Empire Champions of Collaborative Courts (IEC3) partner to recognize alumni


 Three $100 grants provided by the CCJC Foundation and distributed to the Hemet Center for Change, the Indio Center for Change and the Riverside Center for Change by IEC3 contributed to three alumni recognition events.

IEC3 is a local fund advisory board serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Small grants from the CCJC Foundation General Fund are available to Local Fund Advisory Boards on a case-by-case basis. Funds are to be used to further the mission of the CCJC Foundation.

Click here to find the form you need to complete to receive one of these grants. Please complete this form and e-mail it to  Thank you!


I would like to let you know that Hemet Center for Change used the $100 donation to cater a luncheon for our alumni.  The theme was, “Lunch with the Judge.”  We had a total of 8 alumni participate in this event and community members were invited. Our commissioner was there and did a great job helping our alumni feel appreciated.  We really appreciate the donation and would like to say Thank You on behalf of my staff and our alumni.Thank you for your time,
Stephanie Williams, BS, C.A.T.C. III,                                Program Manager                                        Hemet Center for Change             950 N. State Street Suite A                Hemet, CA 92543