How to Establish a Fund …

for Your Local Jurisdiction

  • Establish a Local Fund Committee

  • Create a name for your Fund.
  •  Collect $500 – $1,000 for the initial contribution to your fund.
    • It is in your best interest to open your fund with a good sum of money.
    • Reason:  as soon as your local partners know you have a fund to help with participant needs, you will be asked for assistance.
    • You want your fund to be able to consider those requests without being depleted.
  •  Complete a

    Designated Fund Agreement

  •  Call 530-274-1922 to review these forms and get your questions answered.
  •  Submit originals of these two documents along with your initial contribution for your Fund to

The California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation
200 Coyote Street #2629
Nevada City, CA 95959