Hooked on Drug Court

About the Author

Lynn Duryee is a judge in California, where she has presided for many years over Juvenile Drug Court. A frequent teacher and writer, she has published two books of essays and has written for a variety of professional journals. This is her first novel.

Colleague’s Review

A vivid, insightful story teller, Judge Duryee’s Hooked on Drug Court drew me into caring about Andy, the teen whose personal and family problems land her in Juvenile Drug Court, and the judge who was new to “therapeutic jurisprudence.”  All the main characters in this story change for the better, which is good news.  Judge Duryee illustrates the changes in attitude that the judge and the probation officer experience towards the offenders as well as the changes Andy and her parents had to accomplish. What is really great news is that Judge Duryee’s novel may be fiction, but it is based on real services now available throughout the United States for both teens and adults that are making a significant difference in lives of offenders impacted by the disease of addiction, their family members and their local communities.     Dianne Marshall, Therapeutic Courts Administrator, Mendocino County Superior Court, CA (ret)

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Hooked on Drug Court by Lynn Duryee


What is Juvenile Drug Court? Fifteen-year-old Andy wakes up in Juvenile Hall with a killer headache and a new arrest for public intoxication. When Dad won’t bail her out for New Year’s Eve, Andy figures she can play the divorce card and slip off to Mom’s. Except Mom isn’t answering her phone, and the Juvenile Court Judge has bigger plans for this delinquent than a short stay at the Hall. This novel, written by an insider in the juvenile justice system, delivers a realistic and compelling view of one girl’s roller-coaster journey to self-discovery in Juvenile Drug Court. It addresses the damage caused by the high-conflict divorce as well as the surprising outcomes offered by therapeutic courts. It is an entertaining and educational story, ideal for readers interested in parenting issues, innovative court practices, recovery, and forgiveness.