Getting my daughter back!

gun & badgeTogether we went to local service clubs to speak on behalf of our Friends of Drug Court Fund. I always allowed Mary to open our presentation. The first words out of Mary’s mouth were, “I used to think drug courts were crap.” Now, that was an attention getter if anything was.

Mary went on to say, “As a former law enforcement officer I had had to arrest my daughter several times. I made arrangements for Child Protective Services to remove her children. I gave up on her. And you know what? Because of the hard work our local drug court put that girl through— young woman, really— she now has a job that took some serious training, a decent place to live, full custody of her children and 3 years clean time. Am I amazed? Yep! Am I proud? Yep! Do I know life remains a one-day-at-a-time experience for my daughter? Yep!
Drug Court got my daughter clean and helped her deal with a whole lot of “stuff” she needed to take care of that is for sure. Friends of Drug Court helped her get a table and chairs for her new home and uniforms for work. They also helped her children each get a new pair of shoes and a winter coat. No one but Friends of Drug Court was there for my daughter to help with those types of needs.”

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