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Thank you for your interest.  Here you will find what you need to establish a Local Fund Committee and what is needed to have a fund under the care of the CCJC Foundation.

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►       Steps to establishing a Local Fund Committee

 ►       Frequently Asked Questions

 ►       The CCJC Foundation is the legal entity which allows your donors’ gifts to be tax deductible.  You need to:

  • Be ready to maintain a minimum balance of $250 in your Fund with the CCJC Foundation at all times.

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Accounting Requirements (all information provided goes towards satisfying IRS and Franchise Tax Board requirements and is invaluable in fund raising):

►     Fund Distribution Quarterly Summary (used to help your Local Fund Advisory Board and the Foundation tell the stories of your success!)

►       Annual Report to the CCJC Foundation Board of Directors (used by the Board of Directors to issue our Annual Report to the donors and for fund raising efforts will benefit your jurisdiction and the Foundation)

Matching Grant Opportunities

►    For Family and Adult Drug Courts