FUNd Raising

Much is said and written about raising money.  Let’s get to the chase!

  • Annual Appeal Letters –  Conventional wisdom says to send out annual appeal letters around Thanksgiving time to appeal to people who are looking at charitable giving before the end of the calendar year for tax purposes.
      • Personally, I like to save Thanksgiving for expressing gratitude to donors for their generosity and pick your own time for an annual appeal letter.
      • Be sure to include the stories mentioned below in whatever you write, whatever time of year you choose to send it out.
  • Gather STORIES from the people you help and tell those stories.   Do  Press Releases about the work of your Local Fund Advisory Committee using those stories.  Do this at the same time that you send out your Annual Appeal Letter.
  • Return Envelopes – Always include these!  Some power house fundraising organizations even include return envelopes in their “thank you” notes!
  • Restaurants – You know your community best.  You have favorite restaurants that may donate a percentage of a day’s income to your local fund if you asked them.  Here are a few restaurant chains that we know have donor programs:
  • Denny’s
  • Panda Express
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Starbuck’s
  • Jack ‘n Box
  • Johnny Garlic’s
  • Applebee’s
  • California Pizza Kitchen
Help us build this list!
  •  Service Clubs – Get to know who funds what:  Kiwanis, Rotary, PEO (women’s education), Soroptimist (women), Lions (glasses) Elks, Moose.   Use those stories for your presentations.  If you have graduates or other collaborative court professionals who are willing to be a part of your presentation that is well received.
  • Local Family Foundations and Funds – Contact your local community foundation if you have one.  Ask if there are any funds under their care that contribute to literacy, GEDs, college, dental care.  Watch your newspapers for annual announcements from these foundations.
  • Grocery Store Community Cards – These are too cool.  Once your Local Fund is signed up, all anyone has to do is go grocery shopping!  The grocery store does the rest.  We are currently registered with Save Mart, S-Mart, Food-Maxx, Lucky, Food4Less, Albertsons, Ralphs and Statler Brothers Markets.Contact us at and let us know what grocery store chains are in your area. We will help you get registered.
  • Asset Forfeiture Funds – Yes, this can happen.  It may take a few years but, it can happen.  If you would like to see a successfully funded Asset Forfeiture grant application, contact us at
  • Raffles – If you want to do a “serious business” raffle, let us know.  These need to have a permit issued by Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts and we will get the application process completed for you.
  • Memorial Gifts – One of our Local Fund Advisory Boards has already benefited from this type of generosity thanks to the family of a collaborative court judge who passed away.  Be sure your judges and other collaborative court professionals receive your Annual Letter.
  • Planned Giving  Don’t be shy here!  Include in your Annual Letter every year: Consider including in your will or other estate plans the _________ Fund, under the care of the CA Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation.   The lasting impact of bequests – large and small – help assure individuals addressing the wreckage of substance abuse through a collaborative court program have the greatest chance of success. Click here to learn more.

…and, in case you are wondering, I spelled the name of this page “FUNdraising” that way on purpose.  This is work, so try to have some fun while you are doing it.  Remember, too, your efforts assure your community that the material needs of the people supervised by collaborative courts are addressed does contribute to everyone’s public safety!

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