CCJC Foundation Fact Sheet

Because collaborative justice court participants lack material means due to almost universal poverty, lack of personal support systems able or willing to help, and gaps in existing community resources, the CA Collaborative Justice Courts (CCJC) Foundation was established.

There are no government agencies or statewide foundations that address the personal needs of children, individuals and families involved in collaborative justice courts in California.

The CCJC Foundation exists to secure contributions to local collaborative justice courts to meet unique, unfunded needs of participants striving to satisfy program requirements.

The CCJC Foundation makes it possible to provide small grants, in the range of $50 to $250, to participants to help meet needs relevant to their success in their programs.

Local Fund Committees are established in jurisdictions with collaborative justice court programs to raise money and oversee its distribution to participants.

These grants will make a significant difference in the success of the participant.  Small grants that can make a big difference include:

  • Removal of inappropriate tattoos
  • Mandatory GED testing fees
  • Bus passes, bicycles and helmets for those who have lost their drivers’ licenses to assure attendance in treatment services
  • Dental work to replace teeth destroyed through use of methamphetamine

Mendocino County’s Local Advisory Board (L.A.B.) has been in operation since 2005 and now has $17,000 in its fund.  This L.A.B. awards grants of up to $250 to deserving program participants.

Riverside, San Joaquin,  San Bernardino and Yuba Counties have established Local Fund Committees .

The success of this Foundation requires a two-pronged approach:

  1. Local Fund Advisory Boards become operational, raise funds locally and assist collaborative court participants
  2. Funds are secured to cover the cost of operations for the Foundation itself which will lead to the Foundation being able to better serve Local Fund Advisory Boards as they tackle universal issues such as poverty, malnutrition,  “meth mouth”, homelessness and broken families for the benefit of all of California’s collaborative justice court participants.

When one person rises out of drugs and crime, the entire community is the better for it.  The CCJC Foundation partners with California’s collaborative justice courts to maximize success.

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