CCJC Foundation Accounting Practices

 Updated and Approved: April 22, 2016

Checks Received:

Every donation received by the CCJC Foundation is deposited in the Tri-Counties Bank with documentation maintained for each deposit.

All checks received are photocopied and attached to a “Record of Deposit” coversheet which details:
• Source
• Designation (e.g. which Local Fund Committee)
• Date
• Check # and
• Amount

Each deposit is totaled, dated and the coversheet is signed by the party making the deposit. The deposit slip written for each deposit is photocopied.

Upon completion of the deposit at the bank, the above materials are combined with the bank receipt for the deposit made.All this documentation (the “Record of Deposit” coversheet, photocopied checks, deposit slip and bank receipt for the deposit made) are scanned into the computer, sent to the appropriate Local Fund Committee treasurer and to Werner Accounting Services for the development of future financial reports to the CCJC Foundation Board of Directors. All original documents are filed for future audit purposes.

A 3% administrative fee is applied to funds as they are deposited in a given Local Fund Committee’s account.

Checks Written:

Every check written on behalf of the CCJC Foundation and every bank withdrawal made to accomplish the goals and business of the Foundation has its own “Record of Expense” coversheet. This coversheet details:
• Item/Service
• Vendor
• Date
• Check # and
• Amount

Each “Record of Expense” coversheet is signed by the person writing the check. Receipts equal in value to amount of the check are added to the coversheet. Every check written is photocopied to become part of the record. All materials for each check are scanned and sent to Werner Accounting Services. All original documents are file for future audit purposes.

Recommendation for Payment

When a Local Fund Committee recommends a grant award be paid on behalf of an individual collaborative Court participant, the following is expected in order to assure payment will be made:
• A full copy of the grant award application
• Two signatures of Local Fund Committee members assuring that the committee has approved the request.
• Name and address of vendor to whom the check is to be written
–  Participant identifier that allows the vendor to know that the person presenting   the check is authorized to use it to make payment
–  The CCJC Foundation does not write checks to individuals. We do write checks to services providers, retail outlets, transportation companies, colleges, etc.
• Mailing address for where the check is to be mailed.

After the check has been provided and goods/services secured, the Local Fund Committee will provide the CCJC Foundation with a (scanned copy) receipt to verify completion of the transaction.

When a Local Fund Committee recommends purchase of a gift card to be given to a participant, two receipts are required:
• A receipt for the gift card
• A receipt for the item the gift card was authorized to purchase.

Bank Statements

The CCJC Foundation’s account with Tri-Counties Bank is funded and reconciled monthly. Upon completion of that reconciliation, the bank statement is scanned and delivered to Werner Accounting Services to become part of the presentation to the Board of Directors at each Board meeting.
Financial Reports to the Board of Directors
Werner Accounting Services prepares the following reports for each meeting of the CCJC Foundation Board of Directors:
• CCJC Foundation Balance Sheet
• CCJC Foundation Fund Balances Report
• CCJC Foundation Profit and Loss Report
Periodically, the acting CEO of the CCJC Foundation submits full documentation of very deposit made and every check written on behalf of CCJC Foundation to the Board of Directors.

Financial Reports to the Local Fund Committees

Quarterly, Werner Accounting Services generates a Fund Balance Report for each Local Fund Committee to be used as monitoring devise to assure that there are no discrepancies between the CCJC Foundation’s records and those maintained on the local level.