Board Member Recruitment

Dear Friend of those struggling with the disease of addiction, 

There are vacancies on the Board of Directors for the California Collaborative Justice Courts Foundation.  I am writing to you today to ask you to consider joining this effort to help the participants in California’s treatment court programs address many unfunded personal needs that make a difference in their success.

 Service on the Foundation’s Board of Directors is an opportunity for you to assure that seemingly small, but potent factors which can derail a person’s success are addressed.

 There are no government and few foundation grants that address the many unfunded personal needs of children, individuals and families involved in collaborative justice courts in California. People entering collaborative justice courts lack material means due to almost universal poverty, lack of personal support systems able or willing to help, and gaps in existing community resources.

The California Collaborative Justice Courts (CCJC) Foundation was established in 2009 as a public-private partnership that uses local control and statewide backing to support Drug Courts and other collaborative courts. The CCJC Foundation helps facilitate contributions to these invaluable tools in the struggle with addiction, thereby meeting the unique, unfunded needs of participants striving to satisfy program requirements. We provide the necessary “arm’s length” relationship to fund-raising required by ethical standards for those working in the criminal justice system.

 The CCJC Foundation works with California‘s jurisdictions through the establishment of local advisory boards which raise funds in their home communities and oversee their distribution to area participants to help meet needs relevant to their success. These funds address participant and program needs that have no other funding source.

The size of a grant does not have to be substantial in order to make a big difference. Grants are generally in the range of $50 to $250. Examples include:

  •   Mandatory GED testing fees,

  •   Removal of inappropriate tattoos,

  •  Bus passes or bicycles and helmets for those who have lost their drivers’ licenses to  assure attendance in treatment services, and

  •  Dental work to replace teeth destroyed through drug use.

The CCJC Foundation’s website, , has a wealth of information for your reference including materials specifically for members of the Board of Directors.  I am also available to talk with about the Foundation and answer any questions you may have.

We are in a capacity-building phase.  Energy, experience and commitment are valued qualities in our Board members.  Knowledge of collaborative justice courts, fund raising and marketing are areas of expertise of particular value for this Board at this time.

 If this is not a good time for you to share your time with the CCJC Foundation’s Board but you know another who you think may want to roll up his or her sleeves and join  us, please pass this information along to that person.

 If you have any questions, call (530-274-1922). 

Thank you,    

Dianne Marshall

Dianne Marshall, President Board of Directors

 Special Thanks to the Members of the CA Collaborative Justice Courts Founders’ Circle:Phil Breitenbucher; California Association of Drug Court Professionals; Deborah and Randy Cima; Tonya Clark; Corona Taxpayers Association; Judge Lynn Duryee; Judge Al Dover (ret); Judge Peggy Hora (ret); Charles Keen; Majlar Productions Corporation – Larry Hagman; Dianne Marshall and Lawren Giles; Charles and Diane Murray; Nevada County Superior Judges’ Fund; OraSure Technologies (OraSure Technologies); Mary Trethewey; WSI Marketing, Robin Milam, proprietor