SCRAM of California

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SCRAM of California delivers self-sustaining programs that utilize the newest and greatest state of the art alcohol and location monitoring and testing technologies geared toward offender management and rehabilitation. We specialize in monitoring DUI offenders, and other alcohol-related crimes with the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelet. We are focused on servicing courts and agencies throughout California and work directly with judges, attorneys, probation departments, sheriffs, and others to keep communities safe, ensure compliance with court-ordered abstinence, and promote long-term behavioral change.

We are committed to the following community-based programs, either through corporate donations or participation in community-based fund-raising initiatives:

  • Specialty Courts
    As a tool that facilitates the efforts of both law enforcement and treatment, the SCRAM bracelet is closely aligned with the mission of Specialty Courts and provides the technology that complements this integrated model.
  • Family Court
    Alcohol misuse is a catalyst for many crimes that are officiated in a Family Court. For domestic violence offenders, alcohol is a contributing factor in nearly 60% of cases. Putting the offender on the SCRAM bracelet helps the individual attain long-term sobriety, while reinforcing victim safety and helping to rebuild a shattered family. The SCRAM bracelet can be used as a condition of being able to reconcile with the family if the individual is being continuously monitored for drinking, and is otherwise fine when sober.
  • Juvenile Court
    SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is a tool that drives accountability in minors to examine their alcohol dependency and attain the long-term sobriety needed to stay in school, hold jobs, and become responsible young citizens. The SCRAM bracelet is currently being used in campus programs across the country as a condition of avoiding expulsion, staying out of jail, and getting lives back on track through a combination of sanction and treatment.
  • Veterans Treatment Courts
    Veterans Treatment Courts are a relatively new hybrid Drug/Mental Health Court that employ the Specialty Court model in order to serve a growing population: veterans struggling with addiction, physical and mental health challenges, homelessness, and unemployment.
  • Additional Resources

Follow the links below to learn more about how SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring can help support court-ordered abstinence and long-term behavior change: