About Us

Vision: To make it possible for collaborative court participants to receive small grants (up to $250) that address needs beneficial to their success in their judicially-supervised treatment programs.

Mission: To partner with local collaborative courts and their community members to raise funds used to address the unfunded material needs of participants striving to satisfy program requirements.

Our Purpose:

  • To provide access to private donor resources (including individual/business donors and  foundations) while maintaining the integrity of  court programs;
  • To provide charitable tax status and financial accountability;
  • To provide strategic financial development expertise including donor development to  Fund Advisory Boards established in California’s jurisdictions
  • To provide training and support for fund raising efforts for local jurisdictions.

The CCJC Foundation makes available:

  • Training for local jurisdictions wanting to establish an  fund regarding:
    • Strategic financial development
    • Fund-raising methods
    • Planned giving opportunities
    • How to establish a local advisory board to assist with raising funds; provide oversight of funds raised; and make local grant awards to agencies providing services to Collaborative Justice Court Program participants.
  • Encouragement to Collaborative Justice Court Program Professionals, and participants and their families to consider inclusion of their therapeutic treatment court programs in their estate planning;
  • Investment management for funds under its stewardship.

Local Fund Advisory Boards exist to raise funds needed by collaborative justice court program participants and for to provide  oversight as to how those funds are distributed. Membership on the Fund Advisory Board will be determined by each jurisdiction.

Examples of participant needs that we address include:

  • Dental surgery needed post-methamphetamine use
  • Beds, basic household furnishings
  • Work or seasonal clothing
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Education Expenses: Purchase of college text books, GED testing, math tutors
  • Nutrition education for weight management post-methamphetamine use
  • Food for after-school group counseling sessions
  • Health club memberships and recreational opportunities
  • Other items that may arise to help them become a valuable community member

about us

For more information call 530-274-1922 or email us at donorservices@ccjcfoundation.org

We can only accomplish these results with your support.

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